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October 13, 2005


Mary in Maine

Beautiful color of your mystery shawl. The Leaf lace shawl looks great, too. I joined the Evelyn A. Clark knitalong on Yahoo groups and the Leaf Lace shawl was voted to be the shawl to knit. Please join us, if you will.
I travel every now and then. I've been able to fly with my knitting with me, including the 32in 2mm Addi circs on my slowly evolving gansey as well as my 5mm 24in Addi needles. THey questioned by cable needle at one point in LV, but they let me keep it. I did have to keep the scissors out and use the yarn cutter charm that I bought instead. Happy knitting.


The scarves can be a Very Boring Knit ... I had a hard time finishing mine, because I kept putting it off for days and days. It looks good, though, and you still have two weeks. You can do it!


I think the key with the HP scarf is to work on it while doing something else - watching a movie, etc. I've been working on mine (also a Gryffindor!) for less than a week and I've got 8 of 14 repeats done... somehow it seems to be going very quickly. (If you will kindly ignore the fact that this is the third time I'd started it because it kept coming out way too wide.) Good luck with it! You've still got two weeks - I'm sure you'll make it. :)

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