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May 01, 2007



Bureaucracy. Ugh.


Yeah.... thank goodness Blunt can't take us to war!


I'm glad that *I'm*not the one that got your knickers in a knot!

Go. Cast on something happy and new.


I don't quite understand how the state saves money in all of that -- sounds like the only one really benefiting is (surprise) your friendly contractor.

This sort of thing is par for the everyday course in MA. I think we end up no worse off than anyone else, though, because our state officials are presumed to be crooked from the get-go, so whenever the governor or whoever says "I'm gonna save you money," some enterprising reporter starts looking for the catch. Then the governor has to think of another way to do it, lather, rinse, repeat, and sometimes things come out not-too-badly.

Anyway, sorry about the panties.


What a pain. However, I'd gladly pay $20 to not have to do it next year! Think of the inconvenience you've saved yourself!


Nice meeting you last night... Your puppy is adorable. (sock knitter to your right)

Pat K

I'm behind again. And speaking of behind, are you unbunched yet?


I was going to say that this sounds like Illinois, until Lucia claimed the behavior for Massachusetts. So I'll just say "feh" to bureaucracy and politicians and lines in general.

I hope you were at least able to get a lot of knitting done.


I haven't had to re-register a vehicle since the Blunt Force Trauma affected the DMV. You make me so look forward to it. NOT.

I hope you at least got some knitting done while you were waiting.

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