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November 12, 2007



hihi, "Or that they'd blow into the neighbor's YARN..." !!!!! is that a Freudian slip, Annie?
best from Iceland


"I just hope it doesn't rain before then" It started pouring here about 2 seconds after you posted this. Beautiful pictures today. I especially like the first leaves picture and the berries.


21 trees?! We have two maples and that is quite enough leaves for me, thanks.

Pat K

21 trees. You have more trees in your yard alone than some neighborhoods around here. Fortunately not my neighborhood, as there are a nice amount of trees here and they are now in full autumn splendor. Lovely pictures.


What's liriope? Can you make natural dye with it? (That seems to be all I ask about a plant lately.)

Don't you love the so-called news media? One wants to scream at them, "Stop already with the scandal du jour and spend half an hour laying out the basics of universal health care. You might actually educate someone." But no. It's all about the volume.


Oh, how I love St. Louis when fall foliage ACTUALLY comes out! :D


Oh your leaves last so much longer than ours. Of course mine DID blow all into my neighbors yard last week - sorry. I to seem to knit fall colors a lot -


I hadn't had a chance to read your blog in a while, Annie; I enjoyed the posts! I've also been meaning to email the book people about how interesting the last discussion was...

Lastly, your knitting is beautiful. I wish my carpal tunnel didn't hamper me - not to say I'd be able to knit as well as you or Bridgett ever, but a pot holder would be cute... ;-)


Those leaves look so beautiful! We didn't get really good color this year, in So. Western MA. My favorite is yellow, orange and red, all on the same tree!
Thank you for sharing your pictures.


Exquisite fall pixs. The colors are amazing! Felt like a walk through the neighborhood.


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