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April 19, 2008



As a former Californian, earthquakes don't bother me much. I still keep an eye on them though. The USGS keeps an updated map online. Check out my blog post for more info

Pat K

Went through a very minor earthquake once. The dumb dog we had back then thought it was cool. I thought it was creepy, myself. Glad to know that you are okay.


I thought of you the minute I heard about the quake. Glad it was a 'non-event' for you for the most part. Monte is an amazing boy! ;-)
Your new space looks so enjoyable and livable!!


Great on the reno.
Glad the quake wasn't destructive - good boy, Monte!


Monte the wonder dog strikes again! And your new space is gorgeous.


Umm... how long will it be before we circle back to your name in book club? I say we pull a switcheroo with the next willing person and have it at your house again - I would love to see all the changes! Did you know I'm getting my RE license? Not because I intend to use it, but just as a hobby-type thing. I love all things home-related. But no pressure. Even if we don't see it aaaalll the waaaaaay until neeeeeext tiiiiimmmmme [to be read in the best whiney voice you can hear] to see the house, that's fine, too. It looks beautiful. :-)

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