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April 20, 2008



Love the new Ravatar. Your spring is much farther along than ours!


They're the same basic thing--daffodil and jonquil. They're both narcissus. The jonquil is one type, with several flowers to a stem, and the daffodil is the one most of us have in our yards here in town (the standard trumpet flower, single flower to a stem). This is care of my grandmother, and backed up with a cursory internet search...


Beautiful flowers! I'm glad to see the answer to the daffodil vs. jonquil question because I've always wondered, too.

Pat K

I noticed the new Ravatar on Ravelry. Lovely flowers.


OMG You have Spring - how lucky!! New cameras are sooo much fun!!


Hmm, I'd always thought the daffodil was the all-yellow, and any variations that had different yellows together, or yellow and white, were the jonquils.


Bloomin' lovely!

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