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May 03, 2008


Pat K

Hey! I think my mom used to have that sock book! And maybe a couple others. I snatch up old pattern books anywhere that I can find them, but your collection certainly puts mine to shame. I have a baby knits book that was Nana's, and I think the patterns would work well with Baby Ull or something along that line. Someday we should compare old patterns. What a great score!


Try working in a library. Everyday is a test to my will power. I usually have a stack of deleted books in my car that I picked up for someone I know.


oh, what an absolute treasure! I´m positively green with envy.
greetings from Iceland


Lovely books! I used to work at a library and we would get lots of things like that when people were cleaning out a family members house after a death. I bought a few myself-(pre-sale.)Love reading our blog! Thanks, Patt


I want to see them in person. I'll bring my collection of creepy knitting pamphlets. We'll laugh.

I do like the idea that Sister made some of these. She had so many (quilting mags, too).


That's quite a haul you scored, there. My mother bequeathed me the same sock book (due to arthritis. she's still with us, just no longer able to knit).


Score is an understatement! This nuthin' but net! Seriously. What I would do for the soaker patterns alone!

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