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July 22, 2008



Thank you for explaining that parable SO WELL! It is so important that we all learn to live well and let others live well, or not as they choose. It's the hardest of all lessons to learn.
Are you going to Rhinebeck again this year? I'll be there!


hear! hear! I´m a christian, very firm in my beliefs, but I´ve almost stopped going to church because of exactly this. for sadly, the officers of the church are not the most innocent ones in exactly this matter.
best wishes from Iceland
ps. your yarn looks interesting, how about a better look?


Hear you on Leviticus. zzz...


Got a chuckle out of DD's texting. Five minutes in, "Illinois:" Dang! That is exactly the compliant-only-to-the-letter-and-not-without-attitude response to parental policy I recall from my own youth, as I daresay Mom would readily attest! Keep an eye on that lass; you do NOT want her reminding anybody of me. . . .


Nicely stated. Frankly, I don't think we're supposed to put much weight in Leviticus when it disagrees with the new testament. That whole fulfill the law thing.


Sweet yarn! Will you bring it this morning so I can fondle?


Amen! So well put.


As I always say when I see People magazine at my local CVS and don't recognize anyone on the cover, I've got more than enough to keep track of minding my own business.

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