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July 14, 2008



A woman in my knitting group has been working on that afghan and it's really beautiful. I think it's called Tree of Life or something like that.


From the perspective of one who could do it myself, I'd never pay someone that much. If, however, I knew that I could not do it (that I'd tried and couldn't get the hang of it or there was some other overriding reason), I'd have to say that $20 an hour for skilled labor is not unreasonable at all. I mean, the handyman that quoted us on some glass repairs last week gets $75 an hour.


Does the afghan have a front and a back to it too? It's really lovely. I hear what you're saying about the, "If I can do it, there's no reason they can't" feeling. Not sure where it comes from, but my feeling is usually that if I know something then I'm sure everyone else does too - because if I know it, then it can't be that tricky. Turns out that's not always true (it took me a long time to learn that), but I do tend to run around with people smarter than me.


When you're doing something you really don't want to do there just isn't enough money to make it worth doing. At least it's done and out of your hair. Tell her you should have charge 3x that (or more) and maybe she'll be willing to learn next time around.


It sounds like heaven to have the house to yourself! That is a gorgeous blanket and 20 dollars an hour sounds about right I guess.


The pattern is pretty. You would think she would what to learn the skill after all of the other work that she did. Nice for you though. Lovely to have the house to yourself though.

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