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January 22, 2010



I'm so sorry that you're laid up! It sounds very painful - hopefully you've got good drugs. Brown bottles in my cabinet if you want some. JOKE! Anyway, feel better soon, sweetie!


oh, poor Annie! hope you get over this soon. although it´s a fact of life that we just have to look in the eye that as we are not 17 anymore this kind of stuff has a habit of lingering for much longer than we care to admit. I´ll do my best to send you healing vibes.
best wishes from Iceland


Thanks, Frida... youre so right. Thank goodness for modern medicine.


Thanks Jenn... Im better all the time.


Ouch, ouch, ouch!! Although I am your sister in letting these things slide ... ask me how long it was after my baby was born that I finally talked to a doctor about the pain in *my* hip (hint: the baby in question walked into the appointment with me).

Tracy in SW WA

Annie, I'm sorry to hear that you're laid up. I've had a 'helpful' doctor or two in my time - the last one will forever be referred to as "Skippy McSherlock". A 12-year old (okay, he just seemed that way) who, when I told him I was always exhausted, prescribed "at least 8 hours of sleep a night". Yathink?

At least there's the silver lining of knitting and Netflix - and do you have hubby & offspring waiting on you hand and foot?

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