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February 19, 2010



Well you certainly connected some disparate dots! Love the cables, but be careful of marathon knitting on heavily cabled stuff - at least that's what got my wrist. Take care of yourself and heal quickly.


From my point of view (almost 60) getting old sucks! Luckily the warranty can be extended by knitting therapy!!

Sarah Kate

Hey, if that skier girl can finish with a split shinbone you can sure as heck knit with a rotator cuff injury, right? No. Seriously. DO NOT HURT YOURSELF.
BTW, I'm thinking about a nice rust color for the vogue wrap sweater. Is yours done?


Yikes, I hate warranties that expire just when I need them. It goes without saying that I know just what you are talking about, if not those particulars necessarily. The sweater is lovely! It's making me dream of baby blankets, since I am a bit backed up with those. (So of course I'm thinking of doing cabled ones. Don't look at me in that tone of voice.)


Hello, my blog friend! Ive missed you...

Yes, by all means, cable baby blankets. In fingering. For sure.

You made me laugh out loud.


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