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February 11, 2010



wow! your sweater is absolutely gorgeous, congratulations! and, I must be a crazy knitting cat lady too, since I think those knits look wonderful together as well as each of it´s own.
best wishes from Iceland


The QVC comment is a nice touch. But golly that's a pretty sweater in the end.


Made you laugh?

Tracy in SW WA

I startled the dog from a sound sleep with my hoot of laughter - what a perfect picture you painted!

The sweater is indeed lovely. Is the color a departure for you?


You mean it's too late to steal it and knit gussets so it will fit me? Dang!


It looks GREAT----- can't wait to see you sporting it. without the clean face and bed head of course! :)


And none of you called me on actually having fantasies about QVC hosts...

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