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February 07, 2010





Those letters *are* cute. . .or should I say very attractive and masculine? I don't know if I'd ever think to paint them with a giraffe pattern (or how I'd go about doing that), but I love them. I treasure a painting my daughter made that was inspired by the book Giraffes Can't Dance, so I can imagine how well received the letters will be by other giraffe lovers.

And I have the opposite problem with the Netflix. I loved every second of The Tudors because I couldn't imagine being so dark and evil. The characters did things I'd never think of doing. Weeds just hasn't pulled me in even though I love Mary Louise Parker. I'm trying to like The Wire now, after many false starts, and I'd say it's taken three episodes to pique my interest. Maybe I should try again with Weeds.


Super cute! I'm impressed!!!

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