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March 14, 2010


Ruth Brooks

RE: The first part of this blog, Anne -- you are too hard on yourself. I enjoy your rantings; they are very creative and very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.
-- From another writer,
Ruth Brooks
P.S. That beautiful piece you are now knitting (draped over orange chair) is one of the most elaborate specimens of knitting that I have seen. Beautiful work!


That "acquaintance" ... she's actually met you, right? I mean .... whut?


Man Cave looks awesome.

Whatever that stuff is in the baggies ... no. I kill anything that isn't green. :)


Ha ha ha that amish encounter makes me smile.

Borderline Savage

I'm not on Twitter yet (only Facebook), but keep on keeping on with the talking about yourself -- it's far more interesting than talking about something you don't know. Plus, what are we all on here for anyway? If I wanted to read about how to knit, I'd read a technique book. I want the personal stories. And I've made some wonderful friends through blogs.

But, just in case, they do make a bumper sticker that says "It's All About Me". I had a dearly departed friend who had that on her car. If she was still around, I'd ask here where I could get one for you.

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