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June 27, 2010






I link that because I do think the parade is relevant. And I think, whatever our pastor intended, that the homily was a cautionary tale this morning. Not just about homosexuality but about the 'other' in our midst and how we decide to encounter them and have them become a part of our table. I feel like this is the only topic I've talked about all week--specifically church-related. And it's been so wonderful to read the comments I've gotten after my post about my cousin's engagement. The wonderful thing about living here is that so many marginalized groups--gays, immigrants, the poor--are right here. And they are part of us. I'm so blessed to be able to raise my children here and have conversations about the man panhandling at 44 & Grand, and in the next breath talk about the man "in his underwear" who gave her a flower at the parade. My kids are under my wing but they aren't sheltered. Ack, here I go talking about this again. More tomorrow, I'm sure.

This is a great set of pictures. And words. And I get all verklempt when I think about this place.


good for you! here in my town, Gay Pride day is one of the biggest festivities of the year and we always go to watch the parade. and although gays have been able to marry at the magistrate office for years, yesterday finally they could get married in church as well and one of the first couples to do so was the prime minister and her long time partner in life, truly a great day. and yes, I agree with you that this is still relevant, especially since the rainbow does not necessarily symbolize just homosexuality, but all the diversity of life, and that should be celebrated.
best wishes from Iceland


I get all verklempt myself. I get all verklempt almost every Sunday as I watch the United Nations and the United States process up to receive, and hold their hand up begging to be united in the Body, and saying, "Amen" yes, I believe that here is the Body of Christ. All around me, in what I consume in the Body and Blood and in what I consume by sitting next to the other and at the same time, the same, and encountering the other when I walk out the door. I sat on the steps of the church on Sunday, by myself, and was all verklempt for the hundreds of gay and lesbian Body of Christ who are free to be who they are, and was little bit wistful for those of us who are straight, and not so free to be who we truly are. I was very, very happy for them, and for me, and for St. Pius, that we do open our arms and hearts, and take a risk including them in the intercessions, and join their parade, rather than shoo them off the parking lot, because it's our parade too.
Now, the real reason I came to your blog ... when and where are you meeting for coffee these days?

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