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July 10, 2010



We had two TFA teachers in our building. They started a year before I did, and they had a ROCKY road for a number of reasons. To begin with, the principal was contacted just a couple weeks before school started to let her know that she'd be getting two TFA teachers to fill the positions that had been vacated the year before.

She'd already done extensive interviewing and hand-picked experienced teachers for those positions.

She was told (and this is all third-hand info., but pretty reliable) that she would just have to call those teachers and tell them they were not going to be employed in our building after all. WHAT??? So the district didn't exactly set them up to have a warm welcome...There are a multitude of stories that follow, but that's a fairly good story that sums up the experiences of those TFA teachers. Now, one of them left after her two year term. The other would probably still be teaching but had to leave the profession due to previously existing health conditions.

I found them to be exceptionally appropriate with the kids, energetic, determined to teach, creative, resourceful, and welcoming to me when I started as a new teacher. I am sorry they're gone, both for my sake and that of our students.

How's that for a personal connection?



I expected a much better rant than this. Surely you could go off about all kinds of things including everyone being fired over the summer and not knowing if they were re-hired. Or about after the TFA kids spend their 2 years, they move on to the suburbs and use their enthusiasm at other schools including private and charter schools which pay better...

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