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November 04, 2010



Springfield started doing rolling closures of fire stations when our city budget took a huge hit due to an actuarial adjustment for the police/fire pension fund. You can bet that the citizens bucked up and voted in a tax increase once they started seeing CLOSED signs in front of their local fire stations!


Amen, sistah! There was a ballot initiative in MA to roll back our income tax from 6.25% to 3%. And the idiots claim that they can LOWER taxes and INCREASE local aid. I'd really like them to explain how they would have done that! I always thought paying taxes was patriotic. When did this change? (Luckily that ballot initiative failed or I would have been locking the doors of the public library, I'm sure.)

Ruth Brooks

Yes, it's sad, but a very predictable, selfish outcome -- Proposition A never had a chance statewide! Some millionaires just never have enough power to suit them --they must control everything they see as a potential threat to their continued wealth!


How about the fire department in Tennessee who stood by while a family's house burned down because that family had not paid the yearly $75 to the fire department for coverage. The fire fighters responded only to protect the neighboring houses because those homeowners had paid the assessment.

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