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November 11, 2010


Kate Lathrop

Lovely FOs! Am sorry to hear about an LYS closing; which one is it? I'm not that familiar with all of the LYSs back home.


I did the exact same thing with my Citron. (Plus, I was running out of yarn.) What to do? Give it to a prissy 5 yr old that it will actually fit?


Your heirloom Citron is gorgeous! I felt the same way about mine. I was simultaneously thinking "THAT'S ALL?!" (about the size) and "oh thank god I couldn't do one more stitch". That was really one of the most underwhelming knits ever - so much effort, such an unimpressive result. I mean, it's a nice enough FO, I guess, but I won't ever knit another one!


What LYS is closing?

Rumination: because cows think while they chew? They look thoughtful? Or because we "Chew something over"?

Saturday? Plan?

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