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November 09, 2010



A wonderful list! I long for some of those places with lore and ancient history that you just don't find here in the US.

Tracy in SW WA

I agree 100% with your "Vacations I don't dream about" list and for the same reasons. I did an Alaskan cruise (with Mom) a couple of years ago and all I could think of was what a waste of $$ it was - lush green forests? That's my back yard. Waterfalls? At least a half dozen between my home & work. Wildlife? Back yard again. Icebergs? Well, okay, you've got me there. And yes it was pretty. But I don't think my life was altered in any measureable way by having seen one.

But I did get to visit a shop that specialized in Qiviut yarn. But I was afraid to get too close in case I made committed of those 'you drooled on it, you bought it' faux pas...!

(Oh, and the Historian - yes, yes, and yes please)


some of your choices might land on my list too. remember though that your kids are growing up really fast now, so it won´t be long before you don´t have to consider their needs/wants for a vacation anymore, then you can just indulge in whatever you can convince your husband about. can you tell I´m impatiently waiting?
best wishes from Iceland

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