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November 05, 2011



Oh YUMMM ... sounds fantastic, and *real* dumplings (down here when they say dumplings, it's noodles). Just picked up 2 stewing hens at Soulard today - this may happen to 1 of them. Other's going in the freezer for later :^)


Sounds delicious and perfect for this time of year.


The CSA has totally changed the way I look at chicken. Chicken once and twice instead of roast the danged thing with veggies and only chicken once...We had chicken gumbo this past week and then chicken stock to make risotto and then creamed chicken with homemade dressing last night. My family likes the chicken and dumplings too, real ones (Joy: my mother in law means noodles, too, which is disconcerting), although mine don't do well reheated. So I only make enough for that night and then make more as needed. Hmmm.

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