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June 12, 2012



Yay Bacon - he sounds like a bright little guy! Love Georgette Heyer, though I haven't read her in quite a while - we once named a cat (longhair black with some white) Sophy after her heroine ;^)


That dog is FRICKIN' CUTE! I guess your flowers are okay, if you like that sort of thing. :)


Someone seriously needs to invent the perma-puppy. Because as wonderful as dogs are, puppies are just that much better, what with their tiny round noses and giant paws. PUPPIES FOREVER!


Oh, Bacon. I wish you and Leo could get together.

(Look in your local pet store -- or on Amazon for doggie doorbells, brand name "Poochie Bells".)


We've got the bell system going ourselves. I just sewed up a strip of fabric and attached some bells with key rings. I'll post a pictures of it on the blog soon.


OMG Bacon! I love his little face.

I have 2 giant jingle bells if you want to do your own crafting, or the fancy-pants pet store in Clayton sells the door hangers, I think.

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