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June 06, 2012



Bacon is still adorable.

Love the little USB drives - so cool.

A custom yarn storage cabinet. *sigh* That would be so nice to have.


what about visitors from Dutchtown needing a posh bedroom for the night?


Your home is looking so beautiful!


BACON!!!!!!! Love the "I don't wanna come in" look. Can't wait to see the Yarn Storage. Especially when I keep finding yarn at my home that I've tucked away and forgotten about ...


This post has so much happy I almost can't handle it all! The nearly-complete renovation! The AMAZING wallpaper! (which would totally look awesome in a nursery too, BTW.) And of course THE PUPPPYYYYYYYYY! For the first time in 14 years, I can honestly say: I really want to nom Bacon. :-D I love his kissable nose.


The project looks awesome - I know you're glad to have it winding down! Bacon is adorable, and I love the drives - where did you find them?

Katiedo reinhold

Annie the seminar was fantabulous!! I learned so much I just wish I could knit faster so i could make every sweater we discussed today!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!!


Well you're amazing. The house is definitely covet worthy.... and that Bacon is one cute little buggah. Which of course will save his ass when some puppy behavior emerges. At some point in time when you are least suspecting I imagine!


I saw your house while driving carpool and thought, "what a handsome addition." I think the contractor is my former next door neighbor K.O.? He and his family lived next door to my mom in the 1980's.

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