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February 16, 2006



What a fantastic idea, Ann! I'm in. I'll probably choose Dulaan -- does that count, or does it have to be a recognized charity here in the US?

Your church sounds great. Can a semi-lapsed pagan become a Catholic?


It is a very nice button and a fabulous idea!

Pat K

I do like the button. And I'll probably send you hats, or whatever. Out here with as warm as it is, someone in the midwest will probably get more use of them.


I'll join you ... I've fallen behind on my Dulaan knitting, and this would be a great way to get a jump start.


I'm in with ya Ann and I love the button - very pretty. I'll figure out what to knit and will be sending it to you. Thanks for encouraging us to donate to whatever charity we want to!


Put me down for St. Pius - what are the dates now? I can't find them. :)


I'll send you stuff for St. Pius as well. I added the button last night. Hopefully it will help. For some reason my hit count has taken a significant jump. Are there any specific things that you want or need? Otherwise, I think I'll make a few hats/scarves.


Hi Annie, I just found your blog from a link on Margene's blog (Zeneedle). It was a nice way to discovery a fellow Missouri knit-blogger. I am going to join your knitalong too. I've been a very selfish knitter lately (do I really need more socks?) so it sounds great. I think I'm going to focus on making baby stuff, since it will probably start getting warm by the time Easter hits St. Louis.


I saw Margene's write-up and think this is a great way to look at Lent... I'm not sure I will be able to keep an accurate measure as far as more than half going to charity, but will certainly make several small items, probably hats, and spread the word.


This is a super idea and I love the button! I'm a Catholic mom down here in Springfield, MO. I need to get some Dulaan knitting done. Margene always knows the best blogs to visit:D


Hi Ann,
Yes it IS fun to find others in our great state who knit and do kind things! I have been wishing the same thing about a button. I think the arch and dogwood should definitely be a part of the look. Thanks for the nice comment about the hats. they're a quick knit and are soooo appreciated. Feel free to put me in the sidebar. I hope you get a few more joiners too, it's a super idea!

Chris Pokorny

Ann --
Wonderful idea! Count me in! My items will go to the North Park Friendship Center in Chicago, IL -- a food pantry-clothing depository that serves the neediest of the needy on the northwest side of Chicago. And all of my knitting during this time will be for the Friendship Center!
Rev. Chris Pokorny


I'll knit for Dulaan like I usually do, but I'm adding CIC courtesy of Marguerite. What a thoughtful, caring thing for you to do, Ann. Thanks! - DebbieB


Great idea! I'm in, and my knitting will be for my church knitting group - Grace Church Knit-Wits. We knit and sell items, profits funding scholarships for Camden, NJ high school graduates who are continuing their education. We also provide hats, mittens and assorted warm stuff to the students at a Camden elementary school.

I enjoyed your post on your faith. My impression is that (in general, which I know is a dangerous thing) the knit-blog community is non-religous. Kind, generous, spiritual - but not religious. As I get older I find my faith growing in importance, and being part of a faith community is enriching in so many ways.


Hi Annie-
I am currently trying to make 23 blankets before the years end for my choosen charity Warm the World and would love to participate in your KAL.

Amanda :)

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