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February 16, 2006



I'll be knitting along with you. After the Knitting Olympics I told myself "no more deadlines," but I can do 40 days of self-giving. I will give away everything I knit during Lent.


Annie - what a wonderful idea! I have a bunch of people helping me with something special for a sick brother, so I would like to participate in this KAL. I would like to contribute to the Dulaan Project. Please add me to the list.........


May I add myself to the list? My dates are a bit different--I'm an Orthodox Christian, so Lent for me runs from March 6 to April 16, plus Holy Week, so I plan to finish around April 23 (Orthodox Easter). I'll be knitting for Dulaan.


I'm in. I just got an email from Afghans for Afghans saying they need 100 newborn hats and booties for a midwife project, so I'll be knitting a few of those in the next few weeks. Also, I need the Yarma! xox Kay


Oops - I replied to the wrong post!

If anyone is looking for an outlet, I'm actually having a contest to support the knitting project at Interim House, over on my blog. Not so much knitting for others, but giving them the tools to learn and do it themselves.


I'm knitting for Dulaan and Ocoze Huyaku*, in addition to sending Interim House periodic packages.



What a great idea. I am also an Orthodox Christian observing Lent this year and this is a perfect way to spend this period. Please add me! =) Thanks


Annie ~ I happened upon your blog for the first time today (and have since bookmarked it to visit more often :-) ). I know it’s late in the game perhaps, but I would like to join you in your knit along for charity for this Lenten season. I am Catholic, as well (actually a convert to the Church just a few years ago), and this is a great opportunity for me to give something back. Thanks for being so open to sharing your joy for knitting and giving to others. Many blessings!


Thank you for giving me time to get over myself about joining this KAL - I'm now actively admitting that I'm part of this group (Hi, my name is Tracy and I joined a KAL....).
Here's the 'out-of-the-closet' post on my blog:

Let the good times roll!


What a fantastic idea. I belong to St. Pius Parish (in North Vancouver, Canada) and I'm sure there is somewhere here that would welcome hand knitted socks, guantlets or hats. Count me in.

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