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February 08, 2006



Aw, that's too easy. The Bible, of course. Do you want chapter and verse?


Found it: Matthew, chapter 20.

(I would love to be in a clique, the more cliquish the better. Call it held-over teen angst.)


You are one smart cookie! And stay out of that snow unless you have boots on;-)


I had never heard that parable until a month or two ago, when our priest talked about it in the homily. Now I've heard it twice in a short time span. Odd. Oh, and I went to SLU.


Oh what a beautiful neighborhood you must live in there. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the backyard basketball photos a few days ago.

Whew, thank goodness I did recognize that from being in the Bible. I thought... wait... she did NOT just make this up - it's from the Bible isn't it? Oh what a scholar I am. ha

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