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February 27, 2006



Congrats on the band. I have a TERRIBLE singing voice. Only Catie likes to hear me sing. And maybe she just humors me. How cool for you!!


ANN. I can't tell you how much I love this post!!

1. I love to sing. And I'm an alto. And I was in a quartette (sort of) at our church in Texas where there is no instrumental music, only acapella - have I told you before that I cry when I hear beautiful voices? Especially powerful loud hymns with good voices in harmony. Anyway, and I LOVE Celtic music. I'm so envious of the music/singing experience that you're describing!

2. I used to live in Columbia, IL and our landlords were an old German couple in their 80s who were Catholic. They couldn't get out and do much, had no family around, no children, so we used to drive them to all the Catholic church picnics in the area on Saturdays (as well as to the grocery, etc). The fish. Sandwiches. My. Favorite! Oh the memories of those times.

Thanks for this post - it makes me feel even closer to you learning of your love of singing.

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