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February 28, 2006



Just checking in on what you are doing...I need to do some reading up. Your sweater looks phenomenol. I love wearing mine and hope that you are as well, and that we'll get to see a photo soon.

Much appreciation from down here in Florida!

Mary Johnson

I miss you & yours! Haven't had 1 second to myself - being surrounded with tax returns since forever! I remembered your blog tonite - and I'm feeling especially nostalgic! I wore the scarf you knit for me Wednesday & was complemented over & over - even heard it said that you must have gotten my knitting gene! (Nothing like taking credit for YOUR talent) Love to those two beautiful kids who smile at me everyday from their pictures in front of my desk!


It is a privilege to know you, Ann! I will keep you informed.


I'm getting ready to make some yarn choices - I'm thinking of making some child sized cardigans - but not baby. You're awesome to think of this charity knitting project Ann. I'll keep you updated on my progress. I've gotta put the button on my sidebar! :)


If anyone is looking for an outlet, I'm actually having a contest to support the knitting project at Interim House, over on my blog. Not so much knitting for others, but giving them the tools to learn and do it themselves.


I'm knitting for Dulaan and Ocoze Huyaku*, in addition to sending Interim House periodic packages.


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