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February 15, 2006



I'll do something to help Ann. Is it for anyone of any age, any size? Parents, children all ages, etc? Someone will think up a good name and we'll get a button made. If there's a button people will help. :)


Hi. I just my package today. Thanks. Your post about Catholicism and your changing thoughts over time rings true with me as well. I would love to help out with your Lent project. Let me know what you need.

Pat K

From one Catholic choirmember to another, I'm in. I can probably come up with a hat or two, at least. 40 Days for others sounds good to me.


Hey Ann. Perhaps baby hats? I can whip those out. I will pledge two and let you know if that number goes up.


Having grown up Catholic, and, like you, found a wonderful urban faith community for several years while my children were young, at St. Francis in Sacramento, I can entirely support what you wrote. I have lived for 20 years in the mountains, where such a community was a long driving distance, and have kept these traditions in my heart, but not in my daily life in the same way. Thanks for what I thought was a wonderful explanation for the choice to start your 40-day KAL.


Another Catholic here. I'm going to seriously consider the Lent-along!


Hey there, I fuond your site through ZenNeedle. I would like to join in, being another Catholic. Can a charity in my area work? I live in the Bronx (with some low-income parishes), and would like to contribute to one who had a profound impact in my life. Please let me know if I can join. Thanks!

Teresa C

Hey, former Catholic here (actually, I know there is no such thing. I learned that in my years of Catholic school. Once a Catholic....). Anyway, I was planning on doing this anyway. I'll be knitting for Dulaan and finishing Prayer Shawls. I started a group at our church and haven't actually finished one yet. That is what I will add for Lent.

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