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February 20, 2006



I think of my stash as any yarn that's not WIP yarn, even if I have a specific project in mind for it. Until I actually cast on for that project, it is quite likely to become something else entirely . . .

Pat K

All my yarn is either WIP or queue yarn. Well, there is that Butterfly, worsted weight?, I got at the Olympic Village Shopping Center...I think that qualifies as stash, since I just couldn't resist it. BTW, thank you for your comment to my last post -- your kind words were much appreciated. It's amazing how much better things are after a good night's sleep.


I have technically very very very little "stash" yarn. I have technically a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT of "stash" fabric. And notions. And other various sewing/quilting/crafting supplies. I am working on my yarn stash - buying extra when I plan for a project. Most of my yarn is queued or part of a WIP. Stash yarn is really great to have around if you want to send someone a little gift, have a quick contest prize or knit something up on short notice. I'm definitely in the stash growth mode.


See Harlot on "core stash." She basically has the same categories, only she points out that yarn may migrate into core stash under certain conditions, but will almost never migrate out.

(If you decrease the amount of yarn in your possession either by using it or by giving it away, especially if it is a lightweight yarn suitable for making foot coverings, you could call that a Stash Offloading eXperience, or SOX.)


Well, when you put it like that, my stash looks downright scrawny! I usualy don't buy yarn without a project in mind, but I have a few odds and ends and lots of leftovers!


Hee hee. If you look at it that way, I guess I don't have much stash at all. I usually buy yarn with a certain project in mind. I don't need to feel guilty about all my bags of yarn sitting around after all. Thanks for the boost.


I totally identify with your definition of stash, and work to keep mine, as it fits those parameters, relatively low... but I do have a hefty queue!


You're getting dangerously close to the instructions for the "Holy Hand Grenade." 'Three is the number to which thou shalt count...'


Oh, I really love the concept of categorizing my stash, so that less of it is actually STASH. Because I've got most of my stuff in the queue!


i think of stash as all yarn in my house :)

It is kinda like shoes though. I have lots of shoes I like but never wear, but I always am happy when i look at them!!


Now if only I read your criteria BEFORE I let the world know about my stash!


I think I must have "stash" stash because I rarely buy yarn FOR a project....I just seem to have some unfillable need for more and more yarn.

(How's the Olympics going? I finished my cabled shrug!)


Any yarn you have "stashed" away, be it in a project bag or not, is part of your yarn stash. Saying otherwise is rationalization.

I say we knitters have to learn to accept our ability to acquire yarn under any guise. If it is hurting your finances, then get it under control. If you can afford it, you don't need a justification. If you feel encumbered, then sell it off.

Stash angst is soooo last year.

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