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February 03, 2006



Annie -

Charlotte is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I think I may have to try it. I've been thinking about this shawl for a while but was not sure if i wanted to make it. Well, your tremendous job has changed my mind. I am interested in what you used for blocking - where you got the items, tricks, etc. If you have some time, I'd love it if you could send me an eMail with more detials of your blocking process. I need to block FF&L, but am not quite sure how to go about it. All I have ever used are pins, but my shawl is too big and too square for simply pins.

Thanks - Tammy


Annie - I just posted, but when you click on my name, it does not exist. Anyway, my eMail is tjc@mac.com & my blog is http://knitsnpurrs.blogspot.com/



Fringe is cool or not. It's really up to you, you know!

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