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February 04, 2006



Today is Blog Visit day - just wanted you to know I was here and once again thank you for your kind words. M2 Daughter is doing better!
We did a little yarn therapy even - see my blog for her results!
Enjoy your weekend - but maybe lay off the coffee - sleep is so precious!!
Knit on!

Your Secret Pal

I've never had that problem with Crystal Palace bamboo dpns. But I have had that problem with several sets of Plymouth bamboo dpns. I tried to return them to the LYS once and was told "no returns - get yourself some fine sandpaper and sand down the splits" Although I was angry about the no return thing, the sandpaper did work!
After you sand away the split, get some wax paper and rub down the needles to condition the wood and make em' slick again!


I avoid dpn's whenever possible -- of any make and brand...lol. Hope your little one is feeling better soon. I've got a grumpy 12 year old with a sore throat. Don't you just love this time of year?

Pat K

Funny. I have a 15 year old with a tummy bug who wants me in the same room knitting socks. Guess some things don't change even when they get bigger.

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