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March 06, 2006



Very nice socks! Love those Jaywalkers in the miniringel. Very cool!


Waiting in a doctor's office is such great knitting time - for exactly the reason you said. There's nothing else you could be doing except knitting.


Oh I love all three of the socks! I think the young hip desert dweller would LOVE the turtle tracks socks. The colors are so great anyone would love them - they're very similar to the colors I'm using for my Sockapaloooza socks. And your Jaywalker - WOWzeeee! Those really look striking in that stripe! Love 'em.

Nothin like having lots of time to kill at the doctor. Really makes your socks grow, eh? :)


Great looking socks! I don't think you can have a header and a title. Your header must have the title within it.

Account Deleted

Oohh!!! All the socks are pretty. I especially love those Jaywalkers. The stripes are perfect for that pattern. Wow!


All 3 socks look great. As someone who lives in a warm clime, I vote for the cotton ones for your pal. It looks very cool.


An extra pair (or three) of socks never hurt anyone . . .


Nice Jays! I'm working on designing a sock pattern myself right now and know how tough it can be - kudos to you!


Amazed you could focus on heel-turning at a close basketball game; I still make lots of the local high school games each season, even though my kids are all done with school, because I taught there 8 years, and I get so worked up screaming and cheering that I would lose track of anything but garter st :)

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