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April 11, 2006



Hoo boy! That's a full house! I bet everyone had fun though.


You are truly a lovely person, Ann. Here's hoping the 3 other families reciprocate with sleepovers of their own.

I have done exactly (drum roll, please) 1 1/2 hats. Pathetic, I know. And the auction shawl, which doesn't really count. But I thought (heathen ignorance showing here) that Lent lasted until Saturday?


I totally dropped the ball on this one. I've been so busy knitting family socks that I just never made the time for this. Sorry. :-(
I'll try and redeem myself when Margene and I do Knit Unto Others again in November.
It is great that you pulled this together and got people to participate!


I was an unofficial member of the 40 Days project.I was inspired by your idea and the dulaan project,sooo I have made 11 hats for preschoolers,5 pair of preschooler tube socks, and 8 infant hats!Yea!! I'm on a roll and loving it! Thanks for the inspiration!!


You are a generous and brave soul! On my blog is a pic of what I will send. I lost a needle and won't finish another hat. I had 5 old scarfs to add to the total, but the total knitted at this time for this along is 7 scarfs (Lion Brand Homespun on size 19 needles)and 10 hats for Dulaan. Thanks for such a super KAL! Have a blessed Easter season!


You not only knit for others you served 'others'. You're a super mom and your kids will remember this as a great time in their lives.
I have three hats finished and hoped to have one more but since I know nothing about religion I didn't realize Lent ended today and thought I had until Easter. Well, I'll still knit the fourth hat.
The Red Rock Canyon STR arrived yesterday. I love it more than I thought...it's going to make a fabulous pair of socks! THANK YOU. You are a very generous person.


Hi. I have a couple of kids/baby hats, 2 pairs of socks, and a dishcloth for you. Not as much as I had hoped, but still better than nothing. Reading about you scrounging for toothbrushes triggered a thought though...would St. Pius need toiletries and stuff like that? Deodorant, toothpaste, etc. I can certainly add that in if it would be helpful.

Pat K

I'm not so sure I'd take pictures if the mess were at my house. And then post them. 40 Days has been a real success, I think; here's to next year and we'll be better prepared.


I'm definitely getting in on this one during Lent next year. You've done a very good thing here.

Aren't slumber/sleepover parties fun? I always swear I'm not going to do another, but I like knowing where the kids are, even if I get the whole neighborhood sleeping in my living room.


Well okay, if it's not over until tomorrow maybe I'll have a cardigan without sleeves. Assuming little children in St. Louis like to have sleeves on their cardigans, mine will be a tiny bit late. But better late than never in this case I hope. It's getting a little late in the season for cardigans anyway. I've done other charity knitting and it's been completed, plus some of my yarn sale proceeds have gone to a animal shelter in NYC! Hey! I guess I'm not as bad as I thought. :)

I'll get this stuff sent to you as soon as I can Annie, and will include the summer kid clothing too! I'll write for your address when its ready.

Chris Pokorny

Here's my final count for the "40 Days for Others" knitting: three prayer shawls and five hat and scarf sets, with a new hat and scarf set going on the needles tonight, and yarn being wound for another prayer shawl -- which will be my car knitting when we go visit my Dad on Good Friday in Michigan. Not as much as I would have liked, but my workload at church ended up being much higher this year than I anticipated it would be. The hat and scarf sets will be going to the North Park Friendship Center (a food pantry), and the prayer shawls will go to Edgebrook Evangelical Covenant Church (my church - two have already been distributed to women going through difficult times - I am going to be expanding this to a true ministry in my church because the shawls were so well received, so this experiment will have long-term effects on my church!). This was a great experience! I liked taking something else on for Lent, rather than giving things up!
Pastor Chris Pokorny


Can you send me an address for the 40DFO knits to be mailed to? Thanks


Final count: two children's sweaters, one seaman's scarf, one hat completed. A third child's sweater and one double-knit hat still on the needles. The hat will be done by Easter; the sweater'll take a little longer. All Dulaan bound.


Hey--I thought you didn't do slumber parties...

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