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April 29, 2006



If they matched exactly they would be just like a hundred thousand other socks. As they are, they are unique in all the world. And very beautiful.


Yummy socks! Who needs socks to match perfectly. They wouldn't have any character.


They look wonderful and I have my fork ready!


I love love love striped socks, especially fruit-theme ones! Good luck on the lotus blossom, I am way to chicken to take on lace. That fire was a doozy, I rode my bike past it last night. I heard on the news that they suspect arson.


Hoooray! Thanks so much for being a sock savior. You're the best! (And the socks got to visit with the Yarn Harlot - that makes them even more special.)


Those look delicious ...... and I always like my socks to be fraternal, even if only a wee bit. Makes them more interesting.

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