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April 27, 2006



I'm so glad you got to meet and enjoy Stephanie. Spending time with her always makes my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!


Wow - there was an fire in our old garden apartment complex when we were first married. Everyone came out to watch the firemen. It was strangely riveting.


How fun seeing THE yarn harlot! I bet she was a riot.

BTW, I've thought about the sisterhood of the traveling stash and I'm in. Let me know what you need from me.


Oh Ann I'm dying of envy here. I bought her books on Amazon since I couldn't go.

And the fire. wow. just wow. what a horrifying experience. I hope noone was hurt (you said ambulances which I would assume is standard issue during a fire of any sort).

I thought about the Traveling Stash and decided no. I sure would love to but I'd probably feel pressure to go out and buy some yarn cause I DON'T HAVE NO STASH! lol


We had a similar experience with a fire, only it was our neighbor's house two doors down. Luckily they weren't home, but they lost a cat and two hamsters, and they had to raze and rebuild.

The Harlot is amazing, isn't she? And she never seems to burn out. She remarked when I saw her this last time around that it was weird to be stalked by a whole lot of really nice people.


The fire sounds scary and fascinating! I love all my stash too much to give it away;-)

Kate Lathrop

What fun!!!! And your sock looks lovely next to Stephanie. We hope to get her out in Phoenix this summer - can't wait!!

And I fell in love with your sock and promptly bought the Watermelon for myself from Dani's site. I need 1.more hours in the day and 2.more sets of hands to knit my socks!

See you soon! Kate


I had the good fortune of seeing Stephanie when she came to North Van last summer. She is indeed a funny one. I just hope she gets back out this way again. Canadian accent....I hadn't noticed. But then being one myself, I guess I wouldn't ;)

I was so excited when I saw your post of yesterday that I was ready to fire off a ME TOO. Then I took a second (slower) read through and realized, alas no north of the border. Have fun with it!


Jeez, that fire was terrifying, and I drove past at 9 in the morning! The TV trucks were still all there, and it looked like a bomb had fallen on that project. My mom's friend is the salesperson there; she said she wasn't even going to call her for a few days. Such a loss. I'm hoping it wasn't arson, but flames at 4 in the morning? I just worry about what's going on. There was an attempted arson on Connecticut a few weeks back...The TGE neighborhood meeting is tonight. I bet it brings out the worryworts from all over.

In happier news, Sophia has been wearing her pinky socks I made! She loves them! I am encouraged to make more! Danger!


Thanks for the description of the evening w/The Yarn Harlot. I wish I'd been able to make that 150 mi. drive yesterday, but I just couldn't talk myself into it.
Now, in reference to your previous post, are you telling me there's a yarn store in St. Louis that sells STR? Which one? (Not that I've managed to get to any of them -- I just haven't had a compelling reason until now.)


Ann, I wish I'd known you would be there. I would have saved you a seat up front. Kari had told me that you were knitting a lot, but I didn't know you had a blog! In fact, I didn't know this was yours until I was reading the part about the fire, which got me to wondering, and then the picture of the blue pots clinched it. Hi!


Yipes! What a scary thing to wake up to. Your pictures are great. I held my camera all through the line and at the table and completely forgot to take the picture. D'oh!


Hi there. You must live close to my brother & SIL's former house, as that fire was a few blocks from it.

I went to see the Yarn Harlot at the recommendation of one of my friends. I'd never even picked up any of her books before, so I'll ALWAYS have her voice in my head when I read them. (Glad to know I'm not the only one who has that "voices in the head" thing going on...)


I've been watching the Harlot's schedule closely to see if/when she's coming to So. Cal. Sounds like a not-to-be-missed experience.

As for fires, coming up on 3 years ago, we had BAD wildfires here. Many, many homes (and a goodly portion of my backyard) burned. My husband and I didn't sleep for over 24 hours because we were so afraid of the wind-driven embers, so I know exactly how you feel. At the time, we were without electricity or phone service so I didn't even have the Web to keep me company. (Course I didn't have a blog then either.) we were washing ashes and soot from stuff for months.


If I'm not too late, I'd like to join the Sisterhood!

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