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April 15, 2006



Have a great Easter, Ann! (Hope your weather is better than ours -- raw and rainy, and Miss B has a 9 am soccer game. Fun!)


Happy Birthday to your daughter! I have a 13 year old, too. Such fun. :-P
Happy Easter, too.


Have a peaceful Easter!

Pat K

Blessed Easter to all of you!


Happy Easter. I'm jealous about the game. Cardinal games are what I miss the most. I'm sending your package on Tuesday (my day off when I can actually get to the post office).


Hi Annie and Happy Easter - I signed up for 40 Days for Others right at the beginning and promptly lost interest in my blog. I did complete a number of knitted items for Grace Church Knit-Wits, though - 5 "Bible Bears" knit out of hand spun Jacob wool for newly baptized babies, a pair of felted slippers, two rose pins and about 90% of a large felted bag to support our scholarship efforts. We are also running a bus trip to MdS&W, so if you know any South Jersey knitters looking for a fun day - send them to gracehaddon.org where there is a link to our flyer with all the details.

Thanks for organizing this!


Aww, my daughter is 13 too! :)

Ann you've probably got enough time to make two of those blankets if you're waiting on my stuff!! I might have to send two seperate shipments because I have the summer baby clothes and then the knits. I've got the back and both fronts finished on the first cardigan (still needs sleeves and button band) then I plan to make a blue one in the same size so it'll be a while before those are sent since it's not sweater weather any more. I definitely want to be sure I make these nice - I just think of my little Emeline wearing her sweaters and it's all the incentive I need. :)


Hi Annie! I hope you and your family had a most blessed Easter. I wanted to let you know that I did complete a few hats for your project, the St. Pius Institute. Unfortunately I was not able to complete as much as I had orignally hoped for, but I suppose that’s the way it goes. I did finish the gift baby sweater and hat, so I’m pleased about that. We’re hoping to take it to the new mom sometime this week.


Happy birthday Ann's daughter. ;^) The choir was beautiful at the vigil mass, by the way, Ann. See ya soon~

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