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April 04, 2006



Sought through fondling and perusal of pattern books to improve my conscious contact with my yarn, as I understand it, praying only for knowledge of what it wants to be and my power to carry it out.

That was easy -- I hope it was anywhere close, because as you know I need more yarn.

Love the stash exchange idea btw.


May being ever conscious of the knitting goddess guide our acquisitions and understanding of our stashes so that we always buy what will be used in the future. This guidance will cool our desires so that we buy with discretion and purpose.

Love the post!

Pat K

Sought through pattern perusal and never-ending sorting and re-sorting to improve our mental inventory of our stash as we want to utilize it, praying only for the capacity to remember what we bought and whatever it was possessed us to buy it, and to have the power and years left in our natural lifetimes to knit it all.

I really want some STR, btw.


Sought through constant searching and awareness to improve our conscious contact with fibery goodness, in a continual quest only for the ability to bring colorful, lovely and sense-pleasing yarn into our domain.


Sought through swatching and petting of yarn to improve my fiberly contact with the divine merino as we understand its wooly goodness, praying only for appropriate yardage for all of my projects, the power to finish all my UFOs and WIPs, and the will to recognize a good deal and stash sales.

Chris Pokorny

I love the idea of the stash exchange! I would LOVE the Lion Brand stuff - that's what we use most for our charity Friendship Center knitting because our families use laundromats and don't have the capacity to take care of fancy stuff. And....Crafty Angels were the recipient of a yarn donation worth about $8000 of fancy yarn that's not suitable for our families, so we could only use it to make things to sell to raise money for the Friendship Center. I'd LOVE to swap the fancy stuff for the plebian stuff! Let me know when the stash swap starts! Sign me up!


Oh my gosh I just read that the Yarn Harlot will be in St. Louis on April 26 and you haven't mentioned it on your blog!! Or have you? Was I skimming? Wow. I wonder. Would I drive all that way to see the Yarn Harlot?


I got nothing, but you made me laugh. "Hi. My name is Jocele. I'm a yarn-aholic" Thanks. And I have some baby socks for you.


Sought through pattern selection and swatching to improve our tactile contact with Yarn, as we understood it, praying only for correct gauge, pattern understanding and the power to carry it out.

I would love some STR, as well! Thanks for making me laugh.


Sought through careful fiber acquisition and pattern selection, correct gauge and sufficient yardage, seeking the skills and tools to carry out both old and new knitting techniques to use upon the stash in order to complete beautiful knitted garments for the truly worthy.


Hee hee - brilliant!


11. Through prayer and meditation, in order to improve our knitting karma and always stay on gauge and never pick the wrong color for the right project, to maintain conscious contact with our own personal inner voice, praying only that we will have the stash required for the projects of which we dream, or ready access to the net or LYS, to smoothly facilitate our inner designs in true allegience to our inner vision, in full knowledge that if we thwart our inner visions, said karma will ensure that we 3 yards short on our next project.


Dave...you are priceless.


I love it!!!


I'm thinking your Yarn Anonymous twelve-step program is pretty serious stuff too. Great post!

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