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April 05, 2006


Janice in GA

My local JoAnn's had 4th of July stuff up last weekend. Jeezopete.


I like all the other 11s too! But of course I hope the RNG will find me worthy.

I love your colors. Normally I am not a big yellow fan, but I'm a total sucker for spring flowers. In the spring yellow is Sunshine Power.


You said: "it's funny that I remember significant things in conjunction with what I was painting at the time."

I had just bought my house during the '96 Olympics. Before moving in, I painted the entire interior. The only thing I had in the house besides painting stuff was the t.v. for company. Whenever I see the clip of Kerri Strug making *that* vault, I'm transported back to my family room (which was an ugly lime green at the time) and the smell of paint.

Funny that.


I absolutely love seeing collections of McCoy in real homes; we have a few pieces, but some have broken over the years and now it's too expensive to justify buying. I liked all your other yellows, too!


Your collection of McCoy is beautiful! It's gotten so pricey!

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