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April 23, 2006



I really like the Cedar Creek STR pattern!


Sounds like a great, though certainly very busy week. I didn't go the the Botanical Garden enough when I lived there. I guess I didn't realize how cool it was until the last few months before I moved. Anyway, glad to have to back. Your package should be there in a day or two.


It's good to hear from you as I was beginning to worry, too. You have been very busy and it's a crazy time of year with kids out of school, etc. You knit so well for others that the cosmos is tuned into your knitting. Very cool;-)


I am impressed, Ann! I didn't get half that much done during spring break. I've turned the heel on the second Sockapasock, though! I love your pink striped sock.


You have a feeder I've never seen before, pretty neat looking thing. I still haven't seen a hummer here either. The map does show them around. They'll be along.
You have been busy!

Pat K

Sheesh, I'm worn out just reading about all your activities! And you were able to knit, too? Those are pretty wild watermelon socks. And my hummingbirds have been around now for a couple weeks. I don't put up feeders, because I have a bunch of flowering plants that they like. Much less messy. And the quail are still visiting every day or so. Glad to have you back and posting.

Kate Lathrop

I love the Watermelon!! Dani was kind enough to put up another skein of the Shamrock after I left my mostly completed sock at the airport when I flew home. I'm glad your Easter went well - see you in a few weeks after the wedding! Kate


You HAVE had a busy week! Good busy, but still ....

Those are some wonderfully karmic socks. Obviously Meant To Be.


Uh-oh, it's doing it again. My page stops at "who would be..." and then there are the pictures of the knitting and the Easter Shark. Not that I'm complaining or anything but I was getting spoiled by being able to read everything. Glad to see you posting again and hope you're feeling better.


Hi Ann - I found your blog thru Jenn who I met while waiting to hear the Harlot at the Library! Wasn't Stephanie great; so funny in person and that voice, even though others have written about how you just don't expect that deep voice from such a tiny person it was still a surprise! Oh well..By the way; I love the blue baby blanket - can you tell me what pattern/book that was out of!

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