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May 02, 2006



Oooo, the box's travel is set to begin...


That's a great picture! Happy Birthday!

Pat K

Whoa. Serious pick-and-choose issues coming up, I can see. I shall be tied in knots. And loving it! Woohoo!


As you know, the Urban Knitters participate in the Holiday Boutique at Womens Support every year. Novelty yarn scarves are still our best seller.

I would so totally play that game with him. He's grown so much! He must have been 4 the last time I saw him. I still remember the book club meeting when his Daddy sent him out to us ... stark naked. :)


I see several things there that I would kill for, er, wouldn't mind having. Ruth, knitting needles at 20 paces!


DS is a very handsome guy! Happy Birthday kiddo!
Good luck with the Traveling Sisterhood Stash!!


Huzzah!!!! I can see all of it!!! Tel the boy Happy Birthday from us. Maybe we'll have to Cinco de Mayo on Friday to have a Glendale celebration.

Good luck with the Sisterhood box!
Peace, A


Oh, I love the picture of B. I would be excited about that cake, too .... it looks delicious.

Did I make the Sisterhood cut-off? I'm hoping so, because I can already see some stuff that I covet .....

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