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August 17, 2006



those are really cool mittens! I love them!


I love those mittens too. I think the latest IK is quite good, actually.


It's great to know that chevron pattern stretches. Thanks!


Someday this balancing act will surely come tumbling down. You were able to capture so well the vision many of us have of the mess in the Mid-East.
Love the sock and I'm enjoying my chevron pattern, too (when I knit). ;=)


I was also intrigued by those mittens. I suspect that I'll be making several pair as Christmas gifts.

Great image of the mess in the Middle East ... W is certainly the eyebrow-wiggling fool in that scenario.

P.S. Happy Anniversary!


Nice to know I'm not alone in having frogged Jaywalkers for not getting over my heel. I admitted defeat after just one try though.


I think the recent issue of IK was great and those mittens look like a fun knit!


Have to agree that those mittens are great. They look impossible but you knitters have amazing tricks up your cable-knitted sleeves. We met our teachers today. Kids admitted to being excited to start school now!!!! Yeah!!!!

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