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August 02, 2006



Dang lady. You have a LOT on your plate!


I'm not a Walmart fan, either, it's also Target for me. I just had to comment to say that I've never owned a personal fan, so it appears that there are people who are destined to have too many and people who don't have any at all.

Poor Son -- I hope that he goes and has a good time anyway! Maybe if he brought a camera (disposable, probably) and took photos of camp to show his dad that might be a way of sharing the event and of easing some of his anxiety about not having his dad with him.


I know what you mean about hating Walmart. I do it on principal, I suppose. As for the Scout thing, that sounds fairly typical of the way things wind up. Too many leaders, not enough kids.


I have no advice other than *breathe*. I have to remind myself of this all the time.


Another problem with Walmart (curtsy to our friend Fred): they squeeze their suppliers' prices, with the result that the suppliers in turn have to supply inferior merchandise to stay in business. So you can buy 3 pairs of underwear at Walmart for $5 and have them wear out in a year or less, or you can buy 3 decent pairs (if you can find them) for $15 and wear them for 5 years. And guess who gets shafted by this "deal"? Right: the person who can only afford the $5 at a time, and so ends up paying $25 instead of $15 for 5 years' worth of underwear.

So sorry about the camp. Grrrr.


I'm sorry about Boy Scout camp. That sucks for both your boy and you and your husband. And,,,,I completely agree with you on the Walmart experience. I feel the same way about Swiffers, and the bathroom cleaning crap that you can just throw away when you're finished. Oops, sorry, I got started and that's always a bad thing when talking about the environment and the economy. Hope your camp experience is wonderful.


I usually feel the need to take a shower after I've been to Walmart. It reminds me of when I worked at a department store and we'd open these big boxes of clothes and everything would be covered in some chemical stuff that was supposed to keep the bugs off of it during transit. I imagine everything at Walmart, having arrived in big containers on ships as well, is covered in it too. Ooog. But what bothers me about them lately is that they've gotten rid of the baskets. You have to push a huge cart around or carry everything in your hands. Such a desperate ploy to get us to buy more stuff, or forget that something is in the cart because you can't see it... Dumb.

Pat K

Sigh. Life can be so frustrating at times. Ranting is certainly allowed. Hope you can resolve the camp issues. Hang in there!


Why do we, American's that is, think we need all the junk that Walmart and others sell. You had a good reason for going but I can't really ever thing that I need so much junky stuff in my life). The squirt bottle I use for ironing works just as well to keep me cool if I want to lug it around. Go rant, btw.


You do have a lot going on! I hope things start going a little easier for you soon.


Ugh...Walmart. I'm conflicted about it...

Where is the Sisterhood of Traveling Stash box now? Whomever has it hasn't been blogging about it, and I'm jeaaaalous! :)


take a moment to Breathe!!
Glad to hear it worked out with your Son!

NO personally fans here, and we only play the games we like the prizes, why give them our money......lol

Hate the target here sorry ;o(
I've also seen some of the very same items at Flienes/Macys dept stores as Walmart carries, same brands too. Of course I'm no fool will gladly pay Walmarts prices of my favorite dept stores anywday. Yes they do carry alot of crap. I have certian things I'll buy at Walmart only and the rest at other stores but never step foot into target, they also very pricey and I'd rather pay those prices at my Dept stores. DH like to buy things with a warantee all his cloths have on even his socks!!??
Stay cool!


There's just something about WalMart that makes people grouchy, and I haven't quite figured out what it is - I think it's a combination of things - the aisles are too narrow, it's too loud and too bright, and too crowded and too much junk maybe. But you go in with a good mood and come out with a scowl. Not the best place to set up a Cub Scout Popcorn sale, let me tell you.


I enjoy your rants sooooooo much!!! Thanks for sharing. I always feel better when you're finished.

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