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August 28, 2006



I like it! Maybe string beads on the fringe?


I think it has plenty of funk.


How funny - I almost did that exact same pattern for MY swap pal! The colors look great, and I think it will look much better blocked.

What about doing some embroidery over the top of the diamond pattern?


I know what you mean! My scarfpal gave me some pointers, but what one person finds funky another may find hideous.
The tassles sound great, how about adding some beads to some of the entrelac squares - perhaps a few of them on a string?


I made the stole and blocking whip it into shape and it wasn't wonky at all. It looks great and I would certainly consider it a funky scarf!


It would be quite funky enough for me. I wouldn't even do the beads -- I would be afraid they would fall off at the first wearing. I think it is funky yet practical just as it is.


That's funky. I like it. I agree that a funky fringe would really funkify it.


I think it's funky just as it is!


I think I'll be funky enough....


I like it! Adding funky buttons would be a nice accent and then if the person didn't like them she could always take them off.


Who defines funky anyway? I love it - it's almost exactly like the mini-entrelac shawl/wide scarf that I made with Noro Silk Garden earlier this year. It's very classy looking, I think. Rich. The colors are awesome. Maybe adding some kind of novelty yarn into the tassels on the ends? That would add more funk to a very classy scarf! :)


I love the shawl, too bad I'm not the recipient. My only caution on the beads....please don't use them on the tassels. When you throw it around your neck, you'll hit yourself (or the intended giftee will) in the teeth and it hurts. Past experience. Just sayin'


It's totally funky. Love it.

Dipsy D.

I so love the scarf you're working at, and I think it's definitely funky - totally actually, and absolutely gorgeous!


I think it's ABSOLUTELY funky!!! So shaddup!

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