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August 31, 2006



Productivity and presents are both wonderful things. Good for you!


What is that grey sock yarn? It's lovely!


Almost done with the entrelac? NO FAIR! That's what I get for doing mine on size 2 needles.

And how many socks to you have going at the same time? I think you need to become a distributor for those thingamabobs.

Lastly, I just might go to a catholic shindig if I can get one of those cookies. Mmmmmm. Cookies.


Yummy Cookies! That gray yarns has some nice sheen to it tooo. Love your new needles keepes things, I heard baout them.. I think I may have to try one some day! ;o)


Oh those thingys for the dpns are cool!!

Pat K

Wanna come clean up my summer build-up? I may just call it all a permanent design fixture. Now, cookies and fish frys, there's an idea. And the scarf looks pretty good to me too. Have a fun weekend! (I'll be working for most of it.)

Secret Squirrel

Those needle keepers look fantastic.

I'm still stalking you, but in a completely harmless manner. Watch the mail for your package ...


Interesting contraption you have there!


Hooray for reclaiming the house! Have a fun weekend.


Those cookies look so yummy! What cool little gadget you got there!

Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


My children do not return to school until next THURSDAY. Its going to be a long week with "the wheels on the bus" playing a continuous loop in my head. Really, I enjoy having them home all summer, but lately, they're bored, I'm going crazy.. Time to get back to the routine.

LOVE the new tool. How did you find those? I must get some. Can't tell you how many times I've dropped stitches off socks because the needles slipped out in my knitting bag.
And do let me know how the cheese goes. I keep meaning to place an order.. but keep forgetting.

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