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August 07, 2006



Yeah, I knew it was Soapy way back when. I *told* you I wasn't your SP! :o)

Pat K

Wow. So many goodies! And black plum soap? What an intriguing idea.


So glad you liked everything! I for sure thought you'd figure me out before this package arrived! Much thanks to Trek for helping keep ing my secret too!!! heehee
Loooking forward to seeing your socks. (if you use the durasport for socks)
Enjoy everything! It's been so much fun spoiling you this summer! You've been great! Take it easy now on the shoulder!


I throw left/knit continental--and frankly I'm clueless when someone tries to show me English/right handed. It's hard to switch and keep tension. In my limited experience. Why do you think it would help?


What great package! I sometimes get shoulder pain from working on certain projects so I alternate between a few and it seems to help. Cute dishcloth!


What lovely gifts. Great pal! Also, your warshrag is so pretty. Aren't they fun?


What a great way to declare your identity as a SP! Nice goodies. Take care of yourself.

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