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August 09, 2006



That neighborhood group sounds crazy. In my experiences, yahoo groups tend to get most out of control when the people in them know each other in real life. I am part of Flylady too - I definitely need to switch to digest but I'm afraid I will just delete it. I just delete about 20 messages everytime I sit down.

Pat K

I was in FlyLady for a while and finally just got tired of it. I did learn some new habits from it, however. I may have to check out some of the others, if I ever find the time. ;-)


Nope, you don't need to delete them. Your blog is your opinion stated, no more. I have actually enjoyed the crocodile monitor stories. Your neighborhood is no different than any other these days. Everyone feels entitled. I'm kinda pulling for the son on this one. I thought he had done a pretty good job of caring for the lizard, didn't you?

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

I saw the news article about the monitor. I'm glad it's being properly taken care of, & I hope the zoo does get custody. However, my opinion is based solely on being concerned about the poor critter & has nothing to do with property values. ;-)


Thanks for the info on the groups, I'll have to chekc out that Big Sky Designs one for sure, I'd really like to get some cable-y things going this fall.

BTW, I had a 4 foot West Nile monitor lizard living under the barn and it was TERRIFYING. It could jump about 3 feet in the air and slash it's tail and stab with it's head when it saw a rat. They can rotate their shoulders and hips which allows the legs to go from sprawling to upright which makes them FAST and their bites are terribly painful and septic I was told. I had twin 2 year olds at the time playing in the yard when this thing crawled out from under the barn. It ducked to walk under a radio flyer wagon. I'm a geologist/paleontologist and used to dinosaur-y reptiles and such and I grew up around bears and mountain lions, but this lizard was the scariest animal I've ever encountered. I hope they find the one in your neighborhood before anyone gets hurt or loses a pet. It's just not fair to the animal to be set loose either, but I'll save my rant on that issue. Good luck.


Come back to Jamaica, mon. Tho, I wouldn't give up your awesome house or yard for a rundown foursquare with a 30 foot wide lot....

We don't have a yahoo group. We have a monitored listserv that sometimes falls into "mee tooo" messages but usually gets its job done. And now my block and those around it are on our own little email loop. It can be useful. Or it can be bad. Who CARES about reptiles wandering around? I care about gun-toting thugs right now. :^)


I'm glad Mr. Lizard was caught, as Fox Park is located right around the corner from Compton Heights and I own cats, although Mr. Lizard might just have INCREASED my property values.
A note or two on Yahoo groups: We had one for the Arch Rival Rollergirls before our forums on our website were set up. It was the most useless piece of crap I've ever had the dospleasure of having to deal with on a daily basis, but that was because I was a moderator and spent hours a day editing out bad information.
I also belong to knittyreader and TIRCstl (a sort of "hipster's guide to what's going on in the Lou" thing that I am not cool enough to post to, but belong to for derby purposes) both of which are fabulous to read and well administered. I guess it depends on who's running the show, huh?
If the snoots in the Heights get to be too much for you, you can always come back to my side of Shenandoah.
We would welcome you with open arms!


great info on all the groups.. I see were on a few together too! ;o))


Annie I just love you. It's so nice to find someone that doesn't get all crazy and overreact as if they are an adult with a 2nd grade education. I'm sure those people had their kids in the Emergency Room for a 100 degree temperature too. You just want to write back and ask "How do you possibly remain gainfully employed? Are you truly as stupid as you make yourself sound?" This makes me think of the stupid things that my X's family in Texas said to my children about wanting to live with me in Kansas..... My ex mother-in-law said to my son, "You don't want to move to Kansas - they teach evolution up there." My son said he just looked at her and didn't reply, he couldn't believe the stupidity of that statement. Remember Kansas being the laughing stock of the nation because they took evolution out of the curriculum?

I'm so proud of you for not having any kind of snarky responses (to the group) to their incessant emails. Feel free to vent here any time dear. :)

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