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August 19, 2006



Gorgeous roses! Happy Anniversary!


Roses are the perfect anniversary flower! Congrats!


Very nice socks!


Happy Anniversary! Beautiful flowers!
How great your daughters learning how to knit socks! They look great so far. Those are really cute colors! My daughter knit a square a while back and decided knitting just wasn't for her.


Congratulations to BOTH happy couples!!

And congratulations to your daughter for trying her fist pair of socks already - she's WAY ahead of the game since a lot of knitters area afraid to ever knit socks. :)


Happy anniversary to y'all and Mo and Brad. With the Eastern to Central time zone change, does that mean you were married at the same time?

Yeah on first pair of socks!!!


Happy Anniversary!


Absolutely Beautiful roses! Happy belated Anniversary! Hope you have many more to come! His of course a keeper! Great socks too!


What a great anniversary! Our 25th is fast approaching, and we don't have a clue what to do about it. Maybe I should take him to a ball game.

Great socks, too, love the colors.


Happy Anniversary! And pass on happy vibes to your daughter on her first pair of socks!


Happy 21st anniversary to BOTH couples.

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

Happy Anniversary! How fun to share your anniversary with friends! Please wish them a happy anniversary from me also.

I'm about the same amount done with my very first sock, except that I started from the bottom up. I'm sure that your daughter will probably be done with her socks before I will, though, since I keep being distracted by other projects.

Pat K

Cool socks! And lovely flowers! Lucky girl, you!


Happy Anniversary!

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