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August 24, 2006



YES! I've been desparately searching my stash to see if I have enough of any one sock yarn to make a pair. Won't they be perfect for fall?


Not I. I adore looking at them, but I know I'd lose interest mid sock. If not and I managed to finish one, the second would never be cast on.
But go ahead, I can admire from here and cheer you on :)


I've been looking for a Rhinebeck project... hmm...


I volunteered to make Number Guy kilt hose - he declined. No socks for him. Ever.


I hear it loud and clear but knees socks on a 57 year ol' grrl....I think not.


Nope. Not until my calves are considerably smaller!


No. I don't care how pretty they are, I swore off knee socks with my 8th grade uniform and I'll never wear them again.


Uh huh!


I've heard it, but I'm trying to ignore it.


They are definitely *in* right now because I have people asking me to dye yarn for them! I can't wait to see them!


I'm hearing it too. I have some yarn my stash that's been screaming at me to be a pair of knee socks!


Perhaps for Her Ladyship. I don't think I'm a knee socks kind of girl.

Have you found any other kilt hose patterns, by the way? A friend of mine would like to knit a pair for her daughter who does Highland Dance.

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

I'm still working on my very first sock, so I think I'll hold off on the kneehighs & the tights for now. ;-)

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