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August 15, 2006



Great socks! Jaywalkers don't stretch and that means they don't fit me very well. Did you find this chevron pattern to be more stretchy than Jaywalkers?


ipod addiction!


I've heard that book is a good one! I have it in print form. Now if I could just get the time...

The socks looks great!

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

Well, your reason for avoiding blogging is a bit better than mine. I'm just having password issues with my blog site.

Fair Isle sweaters make me think of exactly the same things, high school & college in the early to mid 1980's. I like the look of that sweater, but I have pretty wide shoulders, so I'm also worried about how it would actually fit me.


Yeah, I've been eyeing that fair isle sweater on the cover of IK, too. I think the blue heather will be lovely, I'm still contemplating my color choices, I really like the colors she's chosen, though. I think the neckline will be pretty, it's almost a boatneck style, which I really like. Do you think the Inca will hold up to wear? I'm a little concerned about it's overall quality. Is it spun tightly enough do you think?


That sweater is very pretty - and you can always KNIT while you listen to your books, I guess as long as you're not too distracted by the hot and steamy action! =)


Club Penguin?


Yup, it was me. Love the socks. I really like the sweater on IK's cover, so go for it. The neckline looks like it might be tricky, but check the directions (since I haven't). I can't help but think it would lay flat. Or, you can do like I do and wait until someone else in blogland has knit it.


Love those socks! I think the ipod is one of the best iventions. It's great to be able to listen to a good book and knit at the same time!


The sox are brilliant, the Diana Gabaldon books are even more brilliant!!! I've read them all, but I have an advantage......I read them in my head in a Scottish accent and I'm married to a 6'2" Scottish Hottie!!!!! I suppose it helps that I come from Scotland!

Thankx for being a great SP spoiler, I've really enjoyed this round.


Strange is surfing blogs & coming across a sock that is the SAME yarn that I just finished knitting a sock in!!

Great lookin' sock!!


I have read ALL of the Gabaldon books. I loved them, and believe me, they are not the type I usually read. Then, I went back and downloaded Outlander onto my Ipod and listened to it. Just as good. The first book is still my favorite. Have fun.

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