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October 31, 2006



I've got a 12 year old boy who is of a similar mind, not just in the morning either.

Your Eleanor is beautiful!


Oh the scarf is lovely and the entrelac progress is fantastic. I'm sorry I missed you in Rhinebeck - you were one of my squares!
On the morning thing...I was the same way as your daughter. It was just my mom sis and me and it was a struggle to get all of us ready and out the door to school/work on time. I was always the wrench in the works, never getting in the shower in my time slot, throwing everybody else off. Eventually she started waking me up at 5 and setting a kitchen timer for 10 minute intervals. I decided it was easier to get up at six than deal with an hour of crazy ringing every ten minutes. To this day I am not a "snooze button" kind of girl, but I'm still a bear in the morning :)


What would be the consequences if she missed the carpool? Could she walk to school and would that teach her a lesson?
As for the STR club, I'm probably not going to join this year. I'm glad I did it last year and it was fun BUT I haven't knit any of the patterns and probably won't. And, while it's neat to have colors that only other sock club members have, I think I'd be better off just buying their regular colors that I like.


I love your Lady Eleanor! I've got no advice on the morning situation, but I have to say I agree with you on the STR. Maybe you could try the Sundara sock club instead? I think it's less expensive than that.


the scarves are beautiful! Great job! Welcome to the famous teen years!! I have to say it doesn't get any better over the next few years! ;o( Sorry!


I got my STR yesterday, too and I love the colorway and have loved ALL the colors in this years club. It's fun to receive the packages and such but I'm not going to do it again. I have not knit any of the yarn (I will be just haven't had time as yet) and can't justify more sock yarn on top of what I have...plus it is a bit spendy.


As I always say, I got issues, you got issues, everybody got issues. (OK, some of us have lifetime subscriptions.) I am a morning person, as is Miss B, pretty much -- sometimes I have to wake her, but she generally gets herself ready with little or no prodding. In second grade her bus and Taz's transport came at the same time, so she basically didn't have any choice as I was feeding and changing, etc., etc., and after a few weeks of perdition on wheels she got the hang of it. OTOH she is likely, just now and then so as to keep me guessing, to forget her homework, her sneakers for gym, her dance bag on ballet days, and anything else not stapled to her body.

Where is Grant during all of this? you may be asking. He is asleep. He is totally a night owl.

Speaking of subscriptions, my opinion is that they're charging what they think the market will bear, and I wouldn't bear it.

It is also my opinion that your knitting sings, dances, and lights up the sky.


sounds exactly like my 14 year old, and she has been that way since the day she was born. and it IS a genetics thing, her father and all his family is like that. me and my boys, we´re morning persons, so sometimes this creates friction in the family life, when half of the family wants peace to get to sleep at a normal hour and the other half is just about waking up at the same time.
nice scarves you´re making.
my best from Iceland


Hmmm... typepad isn't playing nice with my comments. Sorry if this one comes through more than once!

Oh, where to start, where to start? First off, you've hit the nail with "spoken syllables in the morning are directly proportional to the number of cups of coffee". VERY well put and accurate!

As to The Girl, unfortunately I can identify with her malady, and while I'm all in favor of sleeping my full 8, there be dragons ahead. In my younger years (read up until about 27 years old) I actually LOST JOBS because I couldn't pull my keister out of bed in time to get there. This isn't something to aspire to. Unfortunately my Girl does the same thing (at almost 26!). She hasn't held onto a job, EVER.

Have you tried sending her to bed A LOT earlier with no book, no light, no tv, then waking her up when you get up? If it's a lack of sleep thing, then that should help. But if functioning in the morning is in any way within her control, she may change her tune if she realizes she can stay up later and get up later if she plays nice in the morning. (This is from my "shoulda-tried" file)


You get two (maybe three) comments today- woo-hoo!

The misty garden scarf is gorgeous. I don't see how using multi-colored yarn is a sin, if it turns out as lovely as what you've done!

The Eleanor stole looks scary. Way beautiful, but scary.

And lastly, about the STR packs. OUCH! How much did the cost go up from last year? Are you getting more for your $$? Can you buy the yarn or patterns separately, as takes your fancy? How many pairs of STR socks have you completed? How many do you have the supplies for right now? If you took $210 to your LYS, would that make you more or less happy than getting 6 new projects in the mail next year?


I got the preregistration too. I can't do it this year. That's just too expensive. I'm not sure why they are making it that expensive. It would make more sense to me to cut the price a little and get more people interested. But then again, perhaps their not set up for a huge club.


I hate morning people. Okay, not seriously. But maybe a little bit. Sorta.
Um, the Rockin' Socks Club has gotten a bit out of hand here. I was thinking of treating myself (working part-time now and all of that) but not for $35 per month. I have a nice stash right now, thanks, and I will knit from that.

Jane (crzjane)

On the homefront. I found that my daughter only had to walk once. (Tom did follow her in the car and eventually give her a ride to school. School is 15 miles away. But as I remember, after that getting moving in the morning wasn't so hard.) It's funny now, I call my youngest daughter (now a Mom herself and in her 20's) every school day to get her up and going, to get her kids up. She says I'm the only one she gets up for.
I love the scarf! And your other knitting looks great too!
I didn't get in on the first STR club, but I sure do know that I would not shell out that much money. I love the yarn, I love buying the yarn. But I like to pick out my colors. And I like to pick out my own patterns.


Ah crap, you mean it doesnt get better with age? Mine is only 8 and does this. I swear I need to chase her around in the morning banging a pot with a spoon to keep her moving. I was sort of hoping it would get better with age! Me? I'm a morning person provided I got enough sleep the night before and am able to have enough coffee to function.. then things are fine. Take those things away and I'm sooooooo NOT a morning person!
As for STR.. I didn't do the last round. I just couldn't afford it. I don't regret it honestly as the patterns that have come with the memberships are not something that appeal to me.
Now that the price has gone up you can most certainly count me out. I like STR and all, but not that much (in fact I actually hate how every colorway I've knit thus far has pooled in that diagonal stripey way, blech) I do love the FEEL of the yarn however. With that said, I like the feel of lots of other yarns as well that come with a much smaller price tag!
I'm starting to wonder what is the deal with STR is and why on earth people flock to it the way they do. There are equal or BETTER hand dyed sock yarns out there.

Pat K

I still have to nag. I keep saying I'll keep my lip buttoned up and let them suffer the consequences, and sometimes I actually do keep my mouth shut. But probably not often enough. Am I a control freak? Yeah, probably.

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