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November 17, 2006


Pat K

Poor Eleanor. But she seems to be taking neglect well. ;-) The colors in her blend so nicely! And FIVE handmade things? Pretty ambitious for a school fundraiser. But far better, I'm sure, than cheap plastic stuff that I've seen at a lot of these "Secret Santa" type markets for the kids. How much time did you have to get ready for this fundraiser?


I love the kangaroo pocket! I have one on a running sweatshirt and it's so warm.

Have you seen Eunny's new fingerless mitts?


Cute sweater! I wonder if I will ever finish one. I know I could not resist Eleanor's siren song... you are a better woman than I.


Both the sweator and Lady E look great! I love that felted bag pattern!


Hello... I guess you never got my e-mail thanking you for the ksks package...that's ok... :) it took my this long to post the pic's... Thank you so much I really enjoyed it:)

Kat with a K

The sweater is looking great. The kangaroo pocket is so cute!

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

That's going to be a very cute baby sweater. I'd love to see the finished pics.

5 handmade items for a school fundraiser?!? Oy, veh!


I love those felted bags!! I picked up the same book for my daughter for Christmas. I looked through it at first, it was the day after my grandma died, and the introduction set me crying. The patterns look great in there for these young gals.


ohhhh those mitts sounds so nice! I missed that issue.. bummer!


that yarn you chose for me is GORGEOUS!! thank you so much. :)


that Eleanor is gorgeous, gorgeous! yum!

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